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  • Interpretation of regulations on the Italian electrical sector

  • Production and dispatching criteria in a free market environment

  • Technical- economic assessments on the development of electric systems

  • Assistance to the purchase/sale settlements of electrical energy

  • Impact of the introduction of new power installations
    (power plants, stations, lines, large consumers) on existing networks

  • Network studies
    (power flows, short-circuits, protection systems, reliability, adequacy, and security)

  • Contingency plans in interconnected and isolated electric power systems.
    Remedial measures against overloads, loss of synchronism, voltage and frequency instability

  • Feasibility and scenario studies in the energy domain

  • Analysis of the environmental impact

For information write to: info@engi-net.it

Enginet Power System Generation-T&D, Environment and Renewable

V.le Campania 31 20133(Mi), tel/fax: 02/39834092 mail:info@engi-net.it